Dem Lawmaker Dismisses Concerns About Men In Women’s Sports: ‘Change Is Always Difficult’


Sarah Wilder Social Issues Reporter
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Democrat California Assemblyman Al Muratsuchi dismissed female athletes’ concerns about biological males competing against them during a Saturday town hall meeting in Gardena, California.

Muratsuchi made the comments in response to a question regarding the growing trend of female athletes losing out to biological males.

“The ultimate goal is for sports to be inclusive of everyone,” he said. “The goal of accommodating individuals who are exploring gender identity issues is to recognize the reality that for many people there are no clear categories between male and female, that there is a growing recognition among healthcare professionals, among psychologists, others associated with being male or female, but that it’s more complicated.” (RELATED: ‘I Was Treated Like A Criminal’: Teacher Dragged Before Tribunal For Religious Views On LGBT)

“And so I understand there may be strong feelings about these coveted varsity positions being taken by folks that some people may feel like they have unfair advantages,” he continued. “But again, I think, ultimately, we have to remember the ultimate goal of our schools, of education, and of youth sports programs need to be that we want to be inclusive of everyone. And I know that change is always difficult, but that is what I believe in.”

In May, Muratsuchi voted for AB 1266, a bill that would require schools to allow students into certain sex-segregated activities and facilities based on their gender identity.