‘You Were Born In America … Shut The F*ck Up’: UFC’s Sean Strickland Blasts Belal Muhammad For Supporting Palestine

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Sean Strickland kept it G!

Ever since the Hamas terrorist attacks on Israel that killed over 1,000 people with another 100 kidnapped, a lot of people have had opinions on the matter, and the conversations have now spread into the Octagon.

We’ve already been seeing some back and forths on social media between some top stars in UFC, but here we go with another one that involves Sean Strickland, the new middleweight champion.

Fresh off a shocking win over superstar Israel Adesanya, Strickland absolutely blasted welterweight fighter Belal Muhammad for posting “Pray for Palestine” on Twitter after the attacks on Israel.

“This is what you’d call a coward response,” said Strickland about Muhammad’s tweet. “Instead of taking a stand against terrorism and advocating for a peaceful resolution you say this dumb shit… Ignoring what just happened. Belal you were born in America, you live in America just shut the fuck up.”

Muhammad — who is of Palestinian descent — did not respond to Strickland directly (because of course he didn’t), but did fire off a couple of posts about the middleweight champ.

Dana White … you already know what to do. And I don’t give a damn about different weight classes. (RELATED: Let Old Glory Fly! UFC Gets Big Dub After Dana White Lifts Ban On Flags)