‘He Just Be On There Lying’: Stephen A. Smith Gets Absolutely Blasted For One Of The Most Ridiculous Takes Ever

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I love Stephen A., but this is utterly foolish.

The crew over at ESPN’s “First Take” were having a conversation Tuesday about my Miami Dolphins, particularly about my quarterback Tua Tagovailoa and whether or not he’s the favorite to win NFL MVP at this point in the season.

And while all of that is fine and dandy as a Phins fan, it led into Stephen A. Smith making one of the most ridiculous takes that you only need mere seconds to disprove.

Nah, it doesn’t matter that Tua is leading the NFL in every category of passing yards, passing touchdowns, passer ratings for starting quarterbacks and passing first downs, Stephen A. Smith decided to take the opportunity to shun the Samoan warrior and give all the credit for Tua’s success to his WR1 Tyreek Hill. And nothing against Hill, but I’m sure he would agree with me — this is easily one of the dumbest things that Stephen A. has ever said.

I mean, damn, not only did he blatantly disrespect Tua, but he did it with such horrible misinformation that it just makes him look like an outright liar. (RELATED: Philadelphia Eagles Just Got A Bit More Dangerous With Julio Jones Signing)

“I don’t know if y’all watching Miami enough,” said Smith. “All of these passes ain’t for 19, 20, 30, 40 yards. You just got Tua dipping it 2 yards to [Tyreek Hill], and he the one taking it to the house.”

“I don’t know if y’all watching Miami enough” — I LITERALLY WATCH EVERY GAME! I’M A DOLPHINS FAN!


I love how he got proven wrong by his own highlight clip, straight comedy. And here’s even more evidence:

What a true clown world statement, and he was rightfully blasted for it by NFL fans all across the country:

Stephen A. Smith … definitely our Bozo of the day.