‘Swamp 22’: Social Media Roasts GOP Rep For Second Vote Against Jim Jordan

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Brent Foster Contributor
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Republican Texas Rep. Kay Granger caught some heat on social media on Wednesday as she defended her second vote against Republican Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan’s speakership bid.

“Steve Scalise is an honorable man and has earned my vote for Speaker,” Granger wrote on Twitter.

Granger voted for Republican Louisiana Rep. Steve Scalise on both ballots. Scalise dropped out of the race for speaker on Thursday. The congresswoman said her decision was “a vote of conscience.” (RELATED: Steve Scalise Drops Out Of Race For Speaker Of The House)

“I stayed true to my principles. Intimidation and threats will not change my position,” she added.

Reactions to Granger’s post were swift and unforgiving, with lawyer Rogan O’Handley admonishing Granger.

“Why do the Swamp 22 keep crying about ‘intimidation’ tactics?! We’re literally just telling you what voters want. Stop acting like the victim now that voters are calling you out for backstabbing them in exchange for lobbyist money,” he wrote.

“Good. It’ll make it easier to primary you,” one user wrote while another wrote, “I smell a retirement coming.”

“You weren’t hired for your conscience. You were hired to represent the will of the people,” one user replied.

Some were far more blunt.

“You are a dumbass,” former Republican Florida State Rep. Anthony Sabatini wrote in response to Granger’s post.

Others just wanted a new speaker.

“I am from Texas, Mrs. Granger. While I respect your principles, I think you should stand behind the majority and unify,” one user wrote. Another replied, “I am so tired of all of you toddlers. It’s not daycare. Get back to work. Vote for one speaker now.”

Jordan fell short by 22 Republican votes in the second round of voting and needed a total of 217 votes for success in his speakership bid. (RELATED: Nancy Mace Calls Out Hakeem Jeffries On-Air After He Keeps Saying There’s A ‘Civil War’ In GOP)

Conservative donors told the Daily Caller they are planning to withhold funds from candidates who vote against Jordan.