Seahawks’ Devon Witherspoon Literally — LITERALLY! — Sends Cardinals’ Rondale Moore Flying With Brutally Massive Smash

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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This is definitely our tackle of the weekend — in both the NFL and college — as Seattle Seahawks cornerback Devon Witherspoon laid an absolutely gargantuan blast on Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Rondale Moore.

In fact, it was such a hard-hitting tackle that it has the rookie being compared to the legendary Legion of Boom member Kam Chancellor, and you’ll see why as Moore was literally sent flying after Witherspoon creamed him.


And that wasn’t the only highlight from Witherspoon either, as he intercepted Cardinals quarterback Joshua Dobbs earlier in the game after cutting off a pass in the end zone.

What a glorious day for the rookie, you know that man has to be feeling good right now, especially when you’re getting Legion of Boom comparisons — I think we all saw flashes of that when we witnessed Witherspoon drop the hammer like that.

Especially when we’re talking about Kam Chancellor…

I was a fan of the Legion of Boom back when they were terrorizing the NFL, and I can honestly tell you, that hard hit that Devon Witherspoon did … I haven’t seen one like that in Seattle since the LOB days when Kam was blasting people like that. (RELATED: The Sports Blogs Might Hate ‘Em, But I’m Absolutely Diggin’ The Colts New Unis)

Keep an eye on this kid, ladies and gentlemen. We might have a future legend on our hands.