‘Shut Up’: Audience Members Walk Out After Dave Chappelle Insults Israelis

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Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Dave Chappelle’s views on the current situation in Israel proved to be contentious, after fans that didn’t agree with his perspective told him to “shut up,” and walked out.

Chappelle’s performance at the TD Garden in Boston Thursday was disrupted when fans reacted strongly to his comments, according to The Wall Street Journal. Chappelle criticized the United States for backing Israel’s “war crimes,” against Palestine, which visibly upset some fans in the crowd.

The dispute began when a member of the audience reportedly told Chappelle to “shut up” after the famous comedian told the crowd he didn’t believe anyone should lose their jobs for supporting Palestine.

A twitter user who was at the show reported on how the events unfolded.

“He said what happened on October 7 wasn’t right but also what’s going on isn’t right and not just. You can’t kill innocent civilians like that and the whole world sits silently and watches,” @Moeof1967 wrote.

Chappelle said he disagreed with the Israeli government’s decision to cut off food, water and electricity to Gaza.

“Then someone shouted at him from the crowd shut the fuck up, Dave. He went nuts and yelled back ‘no you shut the fuck up. You don’t take tens of billions from my country to go kill innocent women and children and come tell me to shut the fuck up.”

The Twitter user went on to describe what Chappelle said next.

“You have the audacity to pay to come see me then tell me to shut the fuck up, no you shut the fuck up.”

The cloud cheered and clapped for Chappelle, then erupted into chants of  “Free Palestine,” to which Chappelle reportedly said, “Your damn right free Palestine.” (RELATED: ‘We See You’: State Of Israel Blasts Gigi Hadid After She Criticizes Their Treatment Of Palestinians)

Chappelle reportedly expressed that two wrongs don’t make a right, in reference to the Hamas attacks and Israel’s military response, according to The New York Post.