NFL Fans Roast Greg Olsen For Apparently ‘Horrendous’ Jacket, But I Personally Love The Roger Stone-Esque Swag

(Photo by Mike Comer/Getty Images)

Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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Carry on and let the haters hate, Greg. I’m diggin’ the swag.

Greg Olsen — currently the lead NFL analyst for Fox Sports and former superstar for the Chicago Bears, Carolina Panthers and Seattle Seahawks (and a University of Miami alum) — was absolutely roasted Sunday, being compared to a car salesman due to his “horrendous” look on television during the Baltimore Ravens’ 38-6 blowout win against the Detroit Lions.

Olsen was wearing a navy blue jacket with a white criss-cross pattern, paired with a light blue button-up shirt and red tie.

“Greg Olsen’s jacket is horrendous,” Barstool Sports’ Steven Cheah tweeted.

“Greg olsen will sell you the worst car youve [sic] ever seen,” PFT Commenter said.

“But he’ll throw in all the weather floor mats for free,” another user responded to PFT.

“He took a risk, it didn’t work,” Dan “Big Cat” Katz said in a video making the rounds on Twitter.

I feel like the Haterade is unnecessary here and deserves a blast of Maino’s “Hi Hater.”

Me personally, I was getting mad Roger Stone vibes when I first saw Greg Olsen’s jacket.

I’m just sayin’ … that man has a ton of swag.

He even did a video for the Daily Caller about how to pop in court, which I find absolutely fantastic.

So, in other words, I wanna see more of this from Greg Olsen — show the world how them Canes drip. (RELATED: This Is Pretty Bad: Miami Dolphins Get Screwed Over So Horrendously That It Makes You Think The NFL Is Outright Rigged)

The haters truly are irrelevant here, and clearly don’t know how to dress.