Huffpost Op-Ed Compares Israel To Nazi Germany, Gazans To Holocaust Victims In Despicable Display Of Ignorance

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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The left-wing Huffpost has apparently managed to trivialize the Holocaust so they could run cover for misguided affinities for Hamas terrorists.

As soon as a reader opens the Spanish-Huffpost article, they are met with an image likening Nazis to Israel and Holocaust Victims to Gazans — the same people who want another Holocaust against Jews.

“Hateful are the governments that manipulate their citizens with daily fakes to justify the killings, always of innocents,” Pepe Vera wrote without a hint of irony in the aftermath of Hamas terrorists wrecking havoc on innocent Israelis. She then falsely blaming Israel for blowing up a hospital which was later determined to have been hit by a misfired Hamas rocket intended to murder more Jews. (RELATED: ‘We Will Fight And We Will Win’: Benjamin Netanyahu Announces Second Phase Of War Against Hamas Has Begun)

Vera then condemned the United States for once calling Native Americans “savages” and smearing Americans who defended The Alamo.

“In World War II France was occupied by Hitler’s army. The French who fought for their land and freedom were called the ‘resistance.’ Although for the Nazis, they were simply terrorists.” (RELATED: ‘You Think All Conservatives Are Nazis’: Rep. Comer Confronts Twitter Exec With His Own, Giant Printed-Out Tweet)

“The Nazi extermination camps were not only full of Jews, they were also homosexuals, gypsies, Spaniards (red, of course) and other social or ethnic groups. Today the horror experienced by these people is indisputable,” Vera wrote. “The Nazis called them animals, when they were the real beasts.”

Vera then somehow attempts a segue by arguing France and the United Kingdom “deceived the Palestinian people and a new country was created within another. Since then, the state of Israel continues, as the United States did with the territories of indigenous nations, to occupy Palestine.”

“The incredible thing is that a people with a past as horrible as the Jewish one allows its own fascist government to use savage techniques against the Palestinian people, more typical of the Nazi regime than of a democratic state,” Vera wrote, making no mention of the fact that Hamas terrorists invaded Israel and slaughtered more than 1,200 innocent persons while kidnapping more than 100, according to reports. But apparently the Huffpost’s editorial team doesn’t think that counts as “savage techniques.”

Make no mistake, the purpose of this trivialization is to allow Hamas terrorists to slaughter Jews while drumming up international support for a terrorist organization which has unequivocally expressed their desire to kill all Jews.

So often people ask, “How did the Holocaust happen?”

This is how.

The Holocaust happened when the despicable actions of hate-filled persons were justified as merely being a response to some type of “oppression” or hardship.

Even though Gaza is the hub of Hamas terrorism, even though Palestinians voted Hamas terrorists into positions of legitimate authority (and then had no elections since that of January 2006), the people of Palestine are labeled victims of a genocide which has never happened.

If Israel wanted to wipe the Palestinian people off the face of the earth they could. But all Israel wants to do is secure the safety of their people from those who relentlessly fire rockets at and slaughter innocent civilians asleep in their beds.