REPORT: Michigan Quietly Fired Staffer After Online Video Allegedly Shows Him Attempting To Solicit A 13-Year-Old

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The University of Michigan football program reportedly fired a staffer earlier in the fall after footage surfaced online of him allegedly trying to solicit a 13-year-old girl, according to The Michigan Insider.

Alex Yood, whom The Michigan Insider labels a “low-level staffer,” was recorded by Boopac Shakur apparently carrying a liquor bottle. Shakur was a man from Michigan who gained internet fame after tricking suspected child predators to meet with him and then confronting them. Shakur was shot and killed the same night the video was posted during a separate incident, Fox News reported.

The clip shows Shakur, as well as another social media star, at a store approaching Yood, who was seen apparently holding a liquor bottle. Originally, Yood claimed that he didn’t know the girl he was talking to was 13.

However, the other online sensation reminded the Wolverines staffer that he did indeed talk about age, doing so twice during their conversation, according to the video.


The other sensation starts yelling in the store that Yood is allegedly there “to meet a 13-year-old girl off the internet for sex.”

When Yood was trying to leave the store, both men followed him to his car and kept asking him questions, claiming he was trying to meet a 13-year-old girl, questioning if he was in possession of a condom and also reminding Yood of multiple alleged messages that were sent to the fake child, featuring the former Wolverines staffer allegedly saying, “wear something cute.” (RELATED: ‘I Find It Deplorable’: Lou Holtz Blasts Michigan For Sign-Stealing Allegations)

The video also shows Yood admitting to questioning the girl about whether or not she was a virgin.