Land Of The Free? NJ Political Tycoon George Norcross Kicked Out Of Eagles Game For Flying American And Israeli Flag

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I thought this was America?! *Stan’s dad voice*

George Norcross, a political tycoon in the state of New Jersey, was kicked out of Sunday’s game between the Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys for waving a half-American, half-Israeli flag.

During the game, the … should we call him a “political broker”? … was forced out of his luxury suite. But not for being some drunken Eagles idiot, not for fighting or slinging garbage at Cowboys fans. Nah … none of that.

The only “crime” that Norcross committed was flying an “American x Israeli” crossover flag from the edge of his OWN box. I would say “what a joke,” but this is 1) No joking matter and 2) Far more infuriating than any joke.

Footage shows Norcross clearly irritated with security as they attempt to remove him (and physically at that). And good on him!

The Philadelphia Eagles issued the following statement to the Daily Caller:

“The Philadelphia Eagles reaffirm our stance again condemning the horrific and brutal Hamas terrorist attacks in Israel on October 7th.

‘The tragic loss of innocent lives in Israel is both shocking and heartbreaking. We condemn the abhorrent acts of terrorism, and we grieve for all the victims and their families. We pray for peace to be brought to the people of the region.’ – Philadelphia Eagles, October 9, 2023.

We feel it necessary to articulate the facts of the matter involving Mr. Norcross at the stadium on Sunday. Mr. Norcross’ removal from the stadium had nothing to do with the content of his sign.

Our stadium policies expressly prohibit signage containing any kind of non-game messaging to be hung from a stadium suite. Stadium staff repeatedly asked Mr. Norcross to remove the sign he hung outside of the suite. Instead of complying with the request, Mr. Norcross became physically and verbally abusive.

Mr. Norcross was ejected from the stadium only after his abuse toward numerous stadium staff members continued. He was escorted from the suite level to the stadium’s ejection point, just as anyone else would be after engaging in abusive behavior in violation of stadium policy.”


So, was Norcross breaking the rules? Well, let’s take a gander at Lincoln Financial Field’s policy on flags

“Signs, banners or similar items that are obscene or indecent, not event-related, potentially offensive to other patrons, capable of blocking views of other fans or otherwise deemed dangerous or inappropriate by the Eagles are prohibited.”

Can someone please explain to me how the Israeli flag is obscene? Indecent? Offensive? Not event-related when it was attached to a US flag that was a part of the event (national anthem)? Blocking views? Also, I’d love to know how many people they’ve kicked out for flying Ukrainian flags. (RELATED: Um … Why Was This Philadelphia Eagles Staffer Wearing An Alleged Thong?)

Obviously the ballpark can make its own rules, but to me, this whole thing just looks like a blatant violation of American freedom…