Goodness Gracious: This Easily Has To Be The Worst Technical And Ejection In The History Of The NBA

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What kind of horse-ish is this?

Whether it’s the NFL or NBA, there’s been some pretty god awful officiating in sports, especially in recent history. And things only ratcheted up Wednesday night when referees handed Milwaukee Bucks superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo the most nonsensical technical foul, and then on top of that, they ejected him for it since it was his second of the night.

Um … what?

Antetokounmpo was running up the court on a fast break before closing it out with a powerful dunk on Detroit Pistons center Isaiah Stewart, but after staring him down for literally like a second (if that), the “Greek Freak” was hit with a ridiculous technical.

And boy, was Antetokounmpo livid about it, but instead of showing that anger in full-force, he argued with the referees in a calm manner. But nope … the zebras weren’t having that freedom of speech, telling him to get the hell off the court.

Milwaukee fans were PO’d, slamming officials with loud boos that had to be heard all across the state of Wisconsin.


I normally praise Adam Silver, but I’m gonna have to hit him here.

Normally my man does an outstanding job as NBA commissioner, but considering how defensive he gets over his officials sometimes, you know he’s partly responsible for this atrocity. You’re the commissioner, Adam, and what you do builds a culture, and now that culture is getting players ejected for dunking … DUNKING! (RELATED: James Harden Unveils The Goofiest-Looking Shoes You’ll Ever See On A Basketball Court)

I thought this was basketball?