Andrew Cuomo Stuns Reporter By Breaking Down Why Americans Believe Trump Indictments Are ‘Political’


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Former Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo shocked journalist Charlie LeDuff on Thursday when discussing former President Donald Trump’s indictments and how they will play out in the polls.

Cuomo said that the Democrats’ apparent hopes that Trump’s indictments will deflate his presidential campaign aren’t an effective strategy. He argued that Trump’s brushes with the legal system are strengthening his candidacy.

“Every time you indict the guy, he goes up in the polls,” Cuomo said.

“Whoah, whoah, whoah,” Leduff said, astounded.

LeDuff asked Cuomo if he believed the Democrats were enacting a “coordinated strategy” to “neutralize” Trump ahead of the 2024 General Presidential Election.

“I don’t think it was a coordinated strategy. I think they believe well with all these indictments that he is getting that he is not going to be viable as a candidate. Except the American people don’t believe that the indictments aren’t political. They believe the justice system is playing politics — the American people believe that,” Cuomo responded. (RELATED: Trump Jokes He Needs ‘One More Indictment’ To Win Election)

“Seventy-six percent of the American people don’t agree on the color of the flag, but 76% of the American people agree that the indictment was politically influenced,” Cuomo said referring to Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s “hush money” case.

He added that the American people believe that “politics has gotten so ugly and government corruption has gotten so bad that we would actually try to indict a person and put him in jail as a political tactic. That’s where people are in this country.”

“And that’s why indicting him time after time after time, and yes it looks like they’re a majority — of the prosecutors are Democrats and maybe that’s not a coincidence. But people just don’t trust the justice system.”

“So, that’s not enough,” Cuomo said.

Trump has been hit with four indictments.