This Easily Has To Be A Candidate For The NFL’s ‘Play Of The Year’ … Incredible!

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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Dang, Kyler Murray, I see you!

The franchise quarterback was exactly that Sunday for the Arizona Cardinals. Better yet, he was like a superhero as he led the red birds to a 25-23 victory over the Atlanta Falcons — doing so with a game-winning drive in his very first contest of the season.

Talk about impressive.

After Taylor Heinecke got injured late in the game, Desmond Ridder came in and led the A-Town to a one-point lead courtesy of a rushing touchdown. As a result, Murray was issued the challenge of charging his team down the field to get them to victory. (RELATED: A Rookie — Yes, Rookie (CJ Stroud) — Has Officially Entered The NFL MVP Race With A Second Straight Game-Winning Drive)

And Murray — who was back in his first game since tearing an ACL last season — was completely game.

The play of the contest — and potentially the play of the entire season — came when the Cards were facing a 3rd-and-10 situation from their own 42-yard line. With Murray under heavy pressure, he scrambled from the pocket to avoid being sacked, twisting and turning in multiple directions to do so. And that ACL of Murray’s?

It’s 100% grade A, evident when he brilliantly ran away from pressure and sprinted 13 yards to get the first down. The play eventually led to Matt Prater kicking a game-winning field goal.


Outright brilliance from Kyler Murray, just outright brilliance.

I definitely have this on my list as one of the top plays of the year — maybe even the best overall.