ESPN’s Dan Orlovsky Says He’s Heard Rumors Bill Belichick Will Soon Coach For Different Team

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BOMBSHELL! Well … kind of.

As the losses continue to add up for the New England Patriots, the talk around the “Bill Belichick x Pats” connection gets louder and louder.

The 2-8 Patriots tallied their third straight loss Sunday, and as you see from their record, their eighth loss of the season out of 10 games total — and it’s been coming from some pretty bad football.

Dianna Russini of The Athletic reported over the weekend that individuals who are in tight with the New England franchise are placing their bets on a “mutual parting of the ways” between the Patriots and Belichick following the 2023 season.

During the Tuesday edition of “The Pat McAfee Show,” Dan Orlovsky of ESPN claimed that he’s been hearing similar rumors regarding Belichick. (RELATED: ‘Wash ‘Em Every Once In A While’: Patrick Mahomes Disgustingly Reveals He Wears The Same Underwear Every Game)

“I’ve heard that,” Orlovsky said of Belichick possibly leaving New England. “I’ve heard more and more of that over the past week. I’m not a reporter, all that stuff, but I have heard that.”

And then it got a little spicier.

“I have heard that that’s gonna be the case,” Orlovsky added. “Who knows the likelihood of it, but I’ve heard that that’s gonna happen and I’ve heard the location is already kind of determined as well.”

When the McAfee crew asked him what team, Orlovsky flubbed it up in what appeared to be nervousness.

“I’m not giving … I’ve just heard that,” Orlovsky said.

That man sounds like a bold-faced liar, even the crew was making fun of him in the background, but I guess we’ll see.