‘Sad And Pathetic’: Paul Finebaum Blasts Jim Harbaugh For Outright Asinine Statement That Michigan Is ‘America’s Team’

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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It’s safe to say Paul Finebaum isn’t the biggest fan of Jim Harbaugh (and Michigan at that).

Michigan has been dealing with some major heat with a huge cheating scandal completely surrounding them, and Harbaugh has already missed a game (against Penn State) because of his regular season suspension. The university is currently in the courts fighting and clawing in an attempt to get him back.

And how did Harbaugh brilliantly tackle this? (RELATED: While America Rips Michigan Amid Sign-Stealing Allegations, Wolverine Student-Athletes Are Rollin’ In The Dough)

By telling the media Monday that the Wolverines are “America’s team” … not even kidding.

“It’s got to be America’s team. This has got to be America’s team. America loves a team that beats the odds, beats the adversity, overcomes what the naysayers, and critics, so-called experts think. That’s my favorite kind of team,” said Harbaugh.

And well, it pissed off Finebaum.

“I found it sad and pathetic. Why? Because this isn’t America’s team. This isn’t what America’s about,” said Finebaum during a “SportsCenter” appearance. “Here we are, just days removed from Veterans Day, where we honor people who are really representative of America. This team is not representative of anything other than a program accused of cheating. Cheating.”

Just another moment in history where Paul Finebaum keeps it completely G.