So Dumb: Ferris State Head Coach Tony Annese Suspended For Letting Players Smoke Cigars After Winning National Title

Screenshot/Twitter/Fox 17 via RemiMonaghan

Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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The NCAA is so dumb … so, so dumb.

Ferris State football, a Division II program that won the national championship last season, will be forced to compete in their upcoming playoff game Saturday without their head coach Tony Annese because he’s been suspended for … wait for it … letting his players celebrate by smoking cigars after winning the natty last season.


“Self pity’s the greatest form of self-destruction, so I just gotta suck it up, and be a big boy,” Annese told WOOD-TV.

Even though you shouldn’t be suspended at all for this, coach.

Making a 60-mile trip in Michigan, the Bulldogs will square off against in-state rival Grand Valley State. The one-game playoff suspension for Annese isn’t a complete shocker, however, as the NCAA announced it earlier in the year.

This has gotta be the dumbest suspension in the history of college football … maybe even in the history of sports.

Hey, I get that they were on a high school campus when all of this happened, but who the hell cares, man?

These were college kids who just won a national championship, and what do you do when you win a championship or do anything glorious (just ask Miami culture)? (RELATED: ‘Sad And Pathetic’: Paul Finebaum Blasts Jim Harbaugh For Outright Asinine Statement That Michigan Is ‘America’s Team’)


Shame, NCAA. Shame.