Ole Miss’ Lane Kiffin Outright Loses It On His Player During Blowout Victory

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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Oh snap!

During their blowout victory Saturday against UL Monroe, Ole Miss head coach Lane Kiffin absolutely lost it on defensive back Daijahn Anthony.

The Rebels got off to a slow start, but despite that, they ended up improving their record to 9-2 after eventually rolling over the Warhawks. But it didn’t come without some drama on the sidelines.

After drawing an unnecessary roughness penalty that came after a punch, according to BroBible, Kiffin went off on Anthony and made it very clear that he wasn’t happy with him whatsoever. And in typical Kiffin fashion, he was incredibly blunt about it, getting in his face and yelling expletives.



I see that there are some people who are offended over Lane Kiffin’s chewing, but that is such “utter rubbish” using my best Nigel Farage impersonation … it’s football!

And not only is it football, but this kid is at the college level, literally just one step away from the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE. You know, the PROFESSIONALS. Plus, who said that discipline was a bad thing?

I will never understand the over-sensitivity of society today. (RELATED: Ole Miss Football Coach Lane Kiffin Caught On Tape Cussing Out One Of His Players And Then Kicking Him Off The Team)

Hell, I remember how my middle school coach used to yell at me and my teammates. If he did that in today’s world, people would blow a lid, I can see it now.

If you want to play football, there’s a price to pay, and this is one of those purchases — it’s a tough game by nature.