‘Halloween Was Two Weeks Ago!’: Charles Barkley Hilariously Roasts Utah Jazz’s Jordan Clark For Wearing Quaker Outfit

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How can you not love Sir Charles?!

Jordan Clarkson, who is a guard for the Utah Jazz, showed up prior to his team’s Tuesday game against the Los Angeles Lakers dressed like a Quaker … though honestly, he looked more like Cap’N Crunch (LMAO). And boy oh boy, did Charles Barkley let him have it for it.

When it comes to athletes, they’re hit and miss with their fashion. Sometimes they wear the best swag you’ve ever seen (just ask Joe Burrow), but then you have the moments where … eh … ew. (RELATED: LeBron Takes Jab At Michigan In Outright Cringe Fashion)

Just take Mr. Clarkson for example. With how boujee the NBA is, you know damn well that he spent a crap load of money on this outfit, but all anybody can talk about is his ridiculously oversized hat — though the outfit was corny too.

As they do every Tuesday, TNT’s “Inside the NBA” was broadcasting talking about the matchup, which eventually led them to covering the entrance of the Jazz star. And Charles Barkley … well … he did exactly what you thought he would.

ROASTED THAT BUTT! (in my best Charles-style southern accent)

“What the hell is that?” asked Barkley. “Halloween was two weeks ago!”


Like damn, dude … check out this thing.

Looking like he should be on a cereal box … straight up hilarious.