Dang, Coach Prime! Deion Sanders Doesn’t Know Where Mount Rushmore Is

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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Not gonna lie … I giggled.

When it comes to a Mount Rushmore in terms of two-sport athletes, there’s no question about it that Deion Sanders is chiseled right into it, but when it comes to the actual sculpture, my man has no idea where it is.

Hey, I get it, unless you were some nerd in school, you’re not going to know every single spot in the world, but you don’t know where Mount Rushmore is? As an American? (RELATED: ‘Like My Mom’s Bathing Suits’: Jim Harbaugh Makes One Of The Most Awkward Comparisons In College Football History)

You’re lucky you’re Deion Sanders, Coach Prime. That’s the only reason you’re getting a pass from me. Plus, you made me laugh, which scored you bonus points. Because come on … EVERY American should know where Mount Rushmore is, and believe it or not, Deion didn’t! I still can’t get over it!

Speaking at a press conference recently, the head coach of the University of Colorado football program tried to reference one of America’s most legendary monuments, and boy oh boy, did my man botch the living hell out of it.

Seriously, how do you not know where Mount Rushmore is?! Is it just me making a big deal out of this? Can’t be.

Like I said … Coach Prime is lucky that he’s Coach Prime, because anybody else I would’ve crushed for this.

How embarrassing as an American!