Dog Struggles To Walk After Accidentally Downing Baileys, Vodka


Hailey Gomez General Assignment Reporter
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A South Jersey dog shocked his owner when she discovered that he had emptied two bottles of alcohol appearing to drunkenly stumble as he walked around the house. 

The viral video posted on Tiktok this week showed Jack, a 5-year-old shelter dog assumed to be a husky/shepherd mix, after he had one too many drinks, according to CNN. The dog’s owner, Mary, had come home to discover not only an empty bottle of Bailey’s Irish Cream but also a bottle of Smirnoff’s vodka. (RELATED: Florida Cat Sends 2 People To Emergency Room)

“So this is what I just came home to. This is empty,” Mary stated as she picked up a Bailey’s bottle on the floor. The dog owner stated that the bottle had been roughly “more than halfway full.” 

She then scanned over to the kitchen where she showed the now half-empty Smirnoff bottle on the counter, stating that the top was not fully on and it was more than halfway full before Jack had gotten into it. It was later discovered that Jack had used a window seat to jump up to the counter, according to CNN.

“Jack, try to walk, come on! Let’s go” the dog owner stated as Jack stumbled across the hardwood floor. “It’s not funny, but my dog is drunk and I don’t know what to do about it!”

@mcgat1 I am Jack this holiday szn ***dog was taken to the vet and treated. No animal abuse occurred***#drunk #drunkdog #holiday ♬ original sound – mcgat

The video was posted across multiple social media platforms, with users shocked to see a drunk dog.(RELATED: ‘Completely Implausible’: Vets Question Whether Record-Breaking Dog Actually Lived To 31 Years Old) 

“He was tryin his best to keep it together too,” one user, who posted the video to Twitter, stated. 

Upon her discovery of the drunk dog, she called poison control before bringing him to the vet, according to CNN. Jack was then given IV fluids and kept overnight, till Mary received a morning call giving her the thumbs up that her dog was going to be okay.

Mary posted a follow-up video recalling that the vet had stated that “ he’s fine, he’s prancing around like he’s not even hungover.” She continued by noting that she was just thankful that he was okay, according to the New York Post.