Miami Dolphins Head Coach Mike McDaniel Allegedly Stole His Wife From A Player Like A Boss

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Damn, I love my head coach!

Legendary play-by-play broadcaster Al Michaels told one hell of a story on Black Friday regarding Miami Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel allegedly stealing his wife from a player, and now the skipper is here to set the record straight. (RELATED: Buffalo Bills’ Shaq Lawson, Jordan Phillips Claim That Loud-Mouthed Philadelphia Eagles Fan Threatened Their Families)

During the Miami Dolphins-New York Jets game on Black Friday, Michaels told a very fascinating story about the Phins head coach taking a woman off a player’s hands. In his story, Michaels claimed that McDaniel allegedly told a player that he was coaching at the time that he would kick him off the team if he remained dancing with a woman he was interested in. Fast forward a few years later, and that woman (named Katie) is now his wife.

Here’s the story from Michaels:

Well, while speaking with the media, McDaniel responded to the story Michaels told. He admitted that “the skeleton of the story is correct,” however, it’s a bit “over the top.”

@nfloncbs Mike McDaniel had to clear up how him and his wife met 😂😂 #nfl #dolphins #miamidolphins #mikemcdaniel ♬ original sound – NFL on CBS

God, I love this.

My man calls dibs on a chick, backs up his dibs with actions, steals the chick, and then marries her and has a child with her. What a boss.

This dude is totally winning multiple Super Bowls for my Miami Dolphins. Straight king status.