University Of Utah Reportedly Cancels Classes, Hosts ‘Healing Circle’ Over Teen Detransitioner’s Speech


Sarah Wilder Social Issues Reporter
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Professors at the University of Utah canceled classes ahead of a speech by detransitioner Chloe Cole, according to Younger America’s Foundation.

Cole is suing Kaiser Foundation Hospitals and Permanente Medical Group for providing her with puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones and a double mastectomy between the ages of 13 and 17. (RELATED: Responding To My Debate With A Transgender Activist)

“This week, our campus is hosting a presentation by a prominent anti-trans activist,” one professor reportedly wrote in an email, adding, “I want to make sure no one feels pressured to come to campus this week due to one of our class meetings, especially if you do not feel safe.”

The university’s LGBTQ Resource Center and Women’s Resource Center hosted a “healing circle” on Thursday November 30, that offers, “tea, face masks and other mediums for self soothing.” Tarot card readings are also provided at the event.

A screening of Daily Caller’s documentary “Damaged: The Transing Of America’s Kids” was disrupted Wednesday night by activists at the University of Utah. The screening of the documentary, which interviews detransitioners such as Cole, Abel Garcia and Cat Cattinson, had to be canceled as security escorted screaming protesters out of the building.

Daily Caller reporter and host of “The Reaction” Chrissy Clark debated an activist during a November 29 screening of the documentary at the university, who claimed that the stories of detransitioners are “outliers.”

“So you’re telling me – and I just want to make this clear. You’re telling me that we shouldn’t care about 1% of transitioners, but we, as a country, should care about 1% of the population,” Clark responded.