Man In Brisbane Clings To Life After Being Buried Alive

Image not from story (Photo by ROBYN BECK/AFP via Getty Images)

Mariane Angela Contributor
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A 25-year-old man is currently fighting for his life after he was buried alive in the sand, 7 News reported Sunday.

Josh Taylor narrowly escaped death after he was buried alive on an island in Brisbane, Australia, according to 7 News. The incident occurred when Taylor, attending a beach gathering with friends, accidentally fell into a five-foot hole initially dug for a traditional pig cooking ceremony.

A bystander and key witness recounted the moments to 7 News. “When I first went up to the hole, I couldn’t even see his foot. That’s how deep it was,” the witness said. “All of his family, were screaming at us, telling us to help, telling us to get rope so we could pull him out. It was pretty gruesome.” (RELATED: ‘Mental Agony’: YouTuber Opens Up About Being Buried Alive For 7 Days)

A rescue effort ensued, with Taylor’s family, friends, and other beachgoers, trying to unearth him, 7 News reported. Despite the combined strength of fifteen men tugging on a rope tied to Taylor’s feet, the suction of the sand made the extraction challenging. It was only after a paramedic’s guidance that they managed to pull Taylor free, although the force of his release caused further injuries.

After being rescued, Taylor was found pulseless. CPR and defibrillation by park rangers were done to revive him, per 7 News. The arrival of Queensland Paramedics and an RACQ Lifeflight rescue helicopter crew facilitated his urgent transfer to Princess Alexandra Hospital. Taylor’s pulse returned after 45 minutes of resuscitation efforts.

Paramedic Peter Batt lauded the life-saving efforts of the rescuers, and highlighted the importance of their quick and effective response. As of now, Taylor remains in a critical but stable condition at the hospital.