Liverpool’s Jürgen Klopp Brutally Roasts A TV Host Live On The Air, Then Does A Literal Mic Drop

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Damn, Klopp! Brutal!

After an “ignorant” television host made a joke about the scheduling of Liverpool‘s next match following their 2-0 win Wednesday over Sheffield United, Reds manager Jürgen Klopp absolutely roasted him live on the air.

Klopp was livid when Marcus Buckland, a host for Amazon Prime Video, mentioned to the Reds manager that they have an early kick-off game Saturday against Crystal Palace (aka, the Eagles).

The German boss was giving a post-match interview on the pitchside after Liverpool locked down a victory over the Blades, but it didn’t take long for Klopp’s mood to drop after Buckland made the joke regarding the Reds playing again at the boss’ “favorite kick-off time.” That match against Crystal Palace is set for 12:30 p.m. GMT. (RELATED: ‘Puts The A** In Assist’: Trent Alexander-Arnold Shows Full On Plumber’s Crack Before Leading Liverpool To Epic Goal)

Klopp has complained in the past about Liverpool playing early Saturday games following a Wednesday evening contest.

“That’s really brave to make a joke about that, really,” Klopp interrupted Buckland. “We go home, I don’t know exactly when we arrive arrive … one o’clock, two o’clock, 2:00 a.m., whatever. Yeah, and then we play again. We have two sessions tomorrow and Friday … It is fine to recover and then we go again. So, Crystal Palace played tonight as well. That’s absolutely fine. It’s just — I realize that you don’t understand it as well even though you work in football, so why should I try to explain it again? If you make a joke out of that then you must be completely ignorant.”

“But it’s good. It’s obviously good entertainment, and I understand,” he added.

“It-it-it’s just one of those issues that come up, and I’m not trying to be disrespectful,” Buckland began, but Klopp cut him off with a terse, “You were already.”

The two exchanged a few more words, with Klopp warning the broadcaster that “I cannot say what I want, because that would be really different” and then setting the mic down with a loud whomp as he walked away.

Just check out this absolute heat:

Wooh! The tension!