New Houses Aren’t Just Way Too Expensive … They’re Shoddily Built, Too


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A slew of videos went viral on social media in December, showing the shoddily-built McMansions y’all massively overpaid for in the last year or so.

One of the best clips shared online involved a $1.3 million home, built so poorly it looks like it was constructed by blind, drunk marsupials. The home appeared to be falling apart, with bits of broken nails hanging out of the framing, dirty water pouring in from the roof and the type of carpentry you’d expect from a crackhead with no hands.

@clearvue_home_inspector $1.3 million worth of quality right here! You be tge judge! #homeinspection #predrywallinspection #inspectortiktoks #viral #clearVUE #inspectorhacks #newconstruction #newbuild ♬ original sound – ClearVUE Home Inspection

In another video, a $500,000 home was put on display for all to see, including not just a shaky outlet, but wobbly toilets, towel-racks and more! The craziest part? Anyone who buys a property for more than $400,000 with a high interest-rate mortgage will likely end up paying more than a million dollars over the course of their contract. (RELATED: Real Estate ‘Apocalypse’ Could Destroy American Economy, Midsize Cities, WaPo Finally Realizes)

@inspector_ajDon’t make fun of how I say, ‘caulk’ either you heathens.♬ original sound – The Home Inspector, CMI®

That is, if these homeowners aren’t forced into foreclosure by our rapidly collapsing economy.

I begged so many of my friends to not purchase new or renovated homes in 2023. Why? Because they were overpaying for crappy properties with vomit-inducingly high mortgages, and none of their homes would be viable for refinancing because they lost value the moment my friends crossed the threshold. Now I realize they also bought poorly built properties, which will only increase the home’s costs over the course of their lives.

We are literally living in the worst timeline.