Seahawks’ D.K. Metcalf Has Big-Time Crybaby Moment And Smashes Helmet Warmer; Gets Ejected For Trying To Start A Fight

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Not a good look, D.K. Metcalf. Not a good look.

The Seattle Seahawks held their own Sunday against the San Francisco 49ers when the game first kicked off, even holding a 10-7 lead after the first quarter ended. However, the 49ers eventually went up, 14-10, in the second and never looked back from there.

Following a comeback attempt from the Seattle Seahawks in the third quarter…

…the Niners shot down their momentum and regained a two-touchdown lead.

With the game now in the fourth quarter and Seattle facing a loss, quarterback Drew Lock felt the pressure and got a bit desperate, throwing a bomb to wide receiver D.K. Metcalf who had double coverage around him. In other words, he wasn’t open, and as a result, Niners safety Ji’Ayir Brown caught an interception for himself.

Dealing with a tough day on the field already, Metcalf started to show his frustration, going over to the sideline and completely hammering a helmet warmer with his helmet, breaking it into pieces in the process like a wittle baby.

Oh! But things didn’t end there!

With less than four minutes left on the clock, the Seahawks were facing a fourth-and-13 situation, leading to more desperation from Luck who once again threw a bomb down the gridiron … once again leading to a Niners interception.

San Francisco linebacker Fred Warner was the one who made the INT, and when Metcalf got a grip of him, he decided to lateral the ball to one of his teammates. And this then resulted in Metcalf pulling a straight WWE move on Warner, literally suplexing him on the field. Understandably so, Warner wasn’t a fan and pushed Metcalf into the ground, ticking the wide receiver off even further. (RELATED: Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes Goes Absolutely Bonkers After Referees Null Incredibly Mesmerizing Game-Winning Touchdown)

Metcalf — in true crybaby fashion — then gets back up and runs right over to Warner, grabbing him by the face mask and then pushing his head. And from there, fireworks popped off in the form of a scuffle between the Seahawks and 49ers, which brought the game two ejections with one of them being Metcalf.

Let’s get it together, D.K. I understand your frustration, but come on, man…