What The Hell Is Going On With This Weird NHL Happy Holidays Video That I’m Incredibly In Love With?

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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Weird, funny, cute, cringe all wrapped into one … well done, NHL!

The National Hockey League dropped a hell of a video Tuesday to celebrate Christmas, New Year’s and all of the other holidays out there, and boy oh boy, did it piss off the hockey purists. However, I loved this random piece of … whatever you wanna call it. (RELATED: Sabres Broadcaster Rob Ray Gets Blasted In The Face With A Puck, Keeps Working While Bleeding Like A Total Boss)

Things start out in a setting that will instantly remind you of South Park (starting off great), with the Tkachuk brothers (Florida Panthers’ Matthew Tkachuk and Ottawa Senators’ Brady Tkachuk) getting tucked in by their dad. When their father leaves the room, they then make an escape to meet up with their NHL buddies (all 32 teams are represented) to play some late-night hockey at an event that they label the “NHL Holiday Pond Hockey Classic.”

And it’s absolutely … magical?


I have no idea what we just watched, but damn, I’m loving the effort from the NHL.

And this is how I know this video will pop off, at least with the majority of people who haven’t had the fun completely sucked out of them: This video made me feel like a kid, enjoying the holidays vibe, it made me want to play NHL 24 while watching hockey and waiting for my betting results to come in … okay, maybe that last part isn’t “kiddish,” or maybe it is depending on how you look at it, but you get my point.

Well done, NHL. Well done. I personally appreciate the giggles and holiday magic cringe.