Wild Cure Bowl Features A Whopping 13 Fumbles, An Outright Water Party And A Pass To Pee Your Pants

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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What a way to kick off bowl season!

If you weren’t being flooded with the NFL and loads of sports bets (and literal rain being down here in Florida) like I was Saturday, then you might have missed out on the Avocados From Mexico Cure Bowl (man, I love these sponsored bowl names).

I did, and I’ve come to regret that despite a 13-9 score which appeared to be a snore-fest on paper: Appalachian State overcame Miami (Ohio) to be the — let’s say it again — Avocados From Mexico Cure Bowl champions (Love that!). (RELATED: ‘You Was Talkin’ About My Mama’: Video Shows Crazy Tension Poppin’ Off Between Deion Sanders, Jay Norvell)

And, oh my, did their victory come along with some storylines!

First, let’s start off with the fact that the game featured a crazy 13 fumbles: this was because it was POURING rain. Heck, there were so many fumbles that the game even came down to one.

Then, taking advantage of the rain as they celebrated their victory, Appy State took part in a good ol’ fashioned Slip-‘N-Slide when everything was all said and done.

Oh, and to add even more glory to this game, we had ESPN’s Booger McFarland telling us at halftime how players could use the rain as a shield and straight up pee in their pants — such a football man thing to do.

Welcome back, bowl season. Goodness, I’ve missed the living heck out of you.