Miami Dolphins Owner Stephen Ross Gloriously Does ‘Waddle Celly’ After Jaylen Waddle Scores Off Thoroughbred Bomb

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Damn, I love my owner! Shoutout to Stephen Ross!

The Miami Dolphins had an absolutely horrible loss to the Tennessee Titans on “Monday Night Football,” so horrible that it quite frankly had me terrified Sunday of the New York Jets out of all teams as a Miami Dolphins fan.

It’s December (we historically don’t play well in December), it’s a rivalry game, we didn’t have Tyreek Hill, the Jets were doing their thing in Week 14 with Zach Wilson choppin’ it up nicely, and the Titans loss could have had us completely flat … oh yeah, I had a little fear pre-game. (RELATED: Wild Cure Bowl Features A Whopping 13 Fumbles, An Outright Water Party And A Pass To Pee Your Pants)

But my boys rolled! Getting a 30-0 shutout victory over the J-E-T-S!

And a large part of our win was our superstar wide receiver Jaylen Waddle, who was absolutely brilliant in replacing Hill as WR1. Mr. Emperor Penguin himself made multiple highlight plays in the first half, but his biggest catch had to be the thoroughbred bomb from quarterback Tua Tagovailoa in the second quarter.

The 60-yard nuke from Tua gave the Dolphins a 17-0 lead over the Jets, and if you think I was ecstatic, just check out our owner Stephen Ross — my man was doing Waddle’s signature “Waddle Celly” to celebrate the touchdown.

And not just that, but his wife was gloriously getting in the action as well! So great!

And then we also had this happen in the game … holy hell, my Dolphins were grade A.

Oh, and we also had my man Raheem Mostert (who also happens to be one of my running backs on my fantasy football team that’s in the championship game this week) break not just one, but two Miami franchise records.

Man, it really was a beautiful day to be a Miami Dolphins fan.

Now onto the Dallas Cowboys for Christmas Eve! Let’s get it!