Leftist Hacks Blame Conservative News For Noticing Senate Staffer Filmed Gay Porn

Chrissy Clark Contributor
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Leaked amateur porn video showed a congressional staffer engaging in gay sex with an unknown man in a Senate hearing room, per the Daily Caller’s reporting

Staffer Aidan Maese-Czeropski is reportedly the man behind the leaked amateur porn video. He’s been fired because, well, is the reason not obvious? 

Instead of noting how disgusting it is to make porn videos on public property, the media are claiming that conservatives pounced on the opportunity to break this story. 

NBC News posted an article titled, “Senate staffer alleged by conservative outlets to have had sex in a hearing room is no longer employed.” Oh darn, if only those pesky conservatives didn’t notice staffers were having gay sex on the Hill. 

That’s not journalism, that’s being so partisan you fail to report the basics of the story. If a Republican staffer were caught making porn videos on the Hill, NBC News would have no problem posting the photos to their website. 

They’re hypocrites! 

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