Absurd Video Shows Santa Take A Tumble Mid-Lap Dance At Madonna Concert


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Santa Claus may be used to people sitting on his lap, but an actual lap dance proved to be too much for the jolly man.

Madonna brought out a costumed Santa Claus as part of Tuesday night’s Celebration tour stop in D.C., but things didn’t go quite as expected. The famous singer attempted to have one of her dancers give Santa a lap dance, but he wound up falling right off his chair instead, seemingly unable to keep up with the heat.

A video of Santa’s epic lap dance fail is making its rounds online and is gaining traction on social media.

The video shows Madonna on stage, belting out the tunes, while Santa is seated on what appears to be a wooden bar stool behind her.  He looked as jolly as could be, as he sat in anticipation of the fun he was about to have.

Madonna could be seen flirting with him for a few seconds while she performed. Her backup dancer approached the scene and prepared to get on top of Santa’s lap to finish her dance on top of him.

Madonna then turned her back to Santa, and the backup dancer appeared to mount him and began gyrating. Within seconds, he came crashing to the ground and even lost his hat in the process.


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The whole situation seemed like fun and games until the man in the red suit fell flat on his ass.

Jolly old Santa seemed completely stunned, as did the backup dancer who also tumbled to the floor in an absolutely hopeless hot mess.

Santa might not have been prepared for this type of lap-mounting when compared to his usual routine.

He got up slowly, clutching his belongings in his hat. (RELATED: ‘It’s Just Complicated’: Salma Hayek Describes Lap Dance Scene in ‘Magic Mike’s Last Dance’)

Madonna kept going as though nothing had happened at all.

The show continued onward, minus the ‘fun’ scheduled as Santa’s special treat.