Miami Dolphins Head Coach Mike McDaniel Gives Absolutely Amazing Speech (One Of The Best You’ll Ever Hear)

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If this dude doesn’t win Coach of the Year, the NFL is utter trash…in the words of the skipper himself.

Miami Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel has put himself among the best head coaches in the entire National Football League, with the 40-year-old even visualizing touchdowns and them happening to perfection after the fact.

Max’s “Hard Knocks” has been giving us an incredible inside look into the Dolphins‘ season, and one of the spotlights has been on McDaniel and his interactions with his players — showcasing why the chemistry between the team is at a grade-A level and why McDaniel is so liked. (RELATED: Abracadabra: Miami Dolphins’ Mike McDaniel Visualizes A Touchdown, And Then It Actually Happens Like Pure Magic)

Recently, we got a view of a team meeting that took place following the horrendous 28-27 defeat (and quite painful as a Dolphins fan) to the Tennessee Titans, and during so, McDaniel showed his players why things went south.

For around two minutes, McDaniel gave an epic rant-like speech filled with f-bombs that centered around mistakes that he made in the game, telling the team that some of his plays were “trash.” He told the team that those bad plays put his players in a not-so-good position, and when he centered in on an overplay by a Miami defender, he said that mistakes are gonna happen, but that it’s important to learn and grow from them, rather than dwell.

Just another reason why this guy is becoming the BEST head coach in the NFL.


We deserve this, Dolphins fans. After all the pain and misery, we finally have something good … great … THIS.