SHANKLY: Joe Biden Backstabs His Ancestors In The Most Appalling Act Of His Presidency

(Photo by Julien Behal/Irish Government via Getty Images)

Scouser Shankly European Correspondent
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President Joe Biden, the “son of Ireland,” did the Irish real dirty this week.

For years now, Yankee media propaganda has done one heck of a job hypin’ up Joey’s Irish Catholic ancestry. But let me give it to ya hard and straight like a shot of Jameson. This lad ain’t Irish, he ain’t Catholic, and he ain’t no supporter of me fellow working-class stiffs. (RELATED: ‘Give Your Ticket To Someone Else’: Legendary Coach Directly Calls Out Wet Blanket Fans Killing Home Field Atmosphere)

In a shocking betrayal to the Irish and Scouser working classes, Biden bureaucrats have colluded with Brussels bureaucrats to reach a deal Tuesday that suspends a 50% tariff on U.S. whiskey exports into Europe. Apparently, Joe had a hand in the deal.

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No offense to me American pals who love their Kentucky straight bourbon or Jack n’ Cokes, but this decision strikes a giant blow to me favorite whiskey distillers across Ireland and the U.K., run by the same salt-of-the-earth lads whom Biden claims to protect.

It’s a disgrace, a betrayal, and the dirtiest sorta back-stab! It’s worse than how Biden treated Afghan interpreters in August 2021.

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When me mates and I are looking to get a wee bit pissed and need sumpin’ stronger than a Carlin pint, we bust out the whiskey. When Liverpool wins the Cup, we slug back a couple Irish car bombs — with Irish whiskey. We don’t mess with the fancy stuff, not even Jim Beam. We do it dirty in Merseyside.

Joey’s move to lift the tariff is a big middle finger to the Irish who pour their souls into the amber nectar. It’s also a big middle finger to us, the Liverpool Scousers.

Me Irish mates are known for their grudges. This one will be even worse.