Raiders’ Jack Jones Pulls Ultimate Grinch Move By Trolling Kid On Christmas While Dominating His Chiefs

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Damn, Jack! You didn’t have to do him like that!

Jack Jones, who is a cornerback for the Las Vegas Raiders, completely trolled some kid Monday on Christmas by “trying” to give him a football … just to quickly take it away as soon as he reached for it. And to make it worse, Jones’ Raiders were dominating the kids’ Kansas City Chiefs in the process.

Some master Grinch ish, for real. (RELATED: Wild: Massive Brawl Erupts After 68 Ventures Bowl Following EMU’s Korey Hernandez Sucker-Punching USA’s Jamarrien Burt)

Things went down during the second quarter of the Christmas Day game when Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes threw towards the sideline in an attempt to get the ball to wide receiver Justin Watson. However, Jones got in the air and snagged it for the interception, taking it all the way to the house for a pick six.

And then, in true Merry effin’ Christmas fashion, Jack decided to troll a little kid — who happened to be a Chiefs fan — by acting like he was gonna give him the touchdown ball. And then as soon as the kid reached for it … BOOM! … he pulled it back to himself and hung on to the pigskin.

Just brutal.


UPDATE: Jack Jones denies that he trolled a child after being accused of being the “Biggest Prick in the Entire NFL,” and hilariously did it by calling former MLB pitcher Brad Ziegler a “lollipop.”

Speaking of Christmas, how was your guys’ holiday weekend?

Me, personally, it was absolutely grade-A.

And with the bets, I mean, damn … Just look at all of the winning slips. Look at all of the cash.

Twenty-five winning slips, 25 days of Christmas … oh, the sweet symbolism. Happy holidays to me, indeed.