What A Clown: Colin Cowherd Proves He’s The Biggest Fraud In America With His Miami Dolphins Haterade

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And to think I used to like Colin Cowherd …

Legendary sports pundit Colin Cowherd (I’ve at least gotta give that to him) doesn’t just dislike the Miami Dolphins. He’s a full-blown hater. So much so this dude needs to have a partnership with Gatorade to launch the first official edition of “Haterade.” He’s so emotional, it’s hilarious.

Before the Christmas Eve game between the Dolphins and Dallas Cowboys, Cowherd completely lost his marbles in an unhinged rant about why the Dolphins — currently 1st place in the AFC East with a flashy 11-4 record — are some straight up FRAUDS. (Somebody’s projecting) (RELATED: Lamar Jackson Calls Out PFT’s Mike Florio For Blasting His Ravens, Forces Him To Apologize Like A Little Cupcake)

“There’s a lot of elements to Miami that I think are inauthentic and fake,” said the biased Los Angeles homer.

For an entire three and a half minutes on his “The Herd” television/radio show, Cowherd went on a tirade about how the Dolphins are apparently “a lot of fake tough guys, a fake Gucci bag,” and how head coach Mike McDaniel is a “hipster” and “kid genius.” He then followed all that nonsense up with a prediction that the Cowboys would “blow them out” by at least 10 points, saying Dallas would be “comfortably in control” for the whole game.

The Dolphins won the game, 22-20. (LMAO)

Oh, and it also put us in the playoffs.

But instead of admitting he was wrong, he hilariously flipped the script on his show Tuesday from “Miami’s gonna get blown out” to “the Dolphins beating the Cowboys is no big deal,” doubling down and making it obvious he’s just a Dolphins hater. There’s no actual logic behind his dislike for Miami. He’s just a straight up hater.

“Oooh, we won a home game over Dallas,” mocked Cowherd, but before the game, Dallas was a dominating force.

LOL … What a fraud.

A certain song comes to mind …

Colin Cowherd: One of America’s greatest frauds.