Minnesota Completely Screws Over Their Bowl-Winning Head Coach P.J. Fleck In True Corporate Greed Fashion

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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What the hell kind of cheapskate-ass university are we dealing with in the Twin Cities?

Tuesday night was a glorious one for the Minnesota Golden Gophers football team, winning the Quick Lane Bowl courtesy of running back Darius Taylor‘s monster night on the ground, racking up a whopping 208 yards. And to make it even better for Taylor, he did this coming back from a leg injury.

As we all know, a team can only be bowl-eligible if they get six wins in the regular season, but for Minnesota, they were able to clinch a spot despite having a losing 5-7 record — but it wasn’t automatic. Instead, the Golden Gophers were chosen for a bowl game because they had the top Academic Progress Rate out of all the teams who had five wins, which is one hell of an achievement in itself.

But that’s not the only flexin’ that head coach P.J. Fleck and Minnesota did. Not only did they make a bowl appearance, but they won it to become the Quick Lane Bowl champions. It was also the seventh straight bowl win for the program since 2015 and Fleck’s fifth consecutive. (RELATED: Pop-Tarts Bowl Reveals Their Trophy, And Holy Diabetes, This Thing Is Incredible)

Despite all of that success, however, Minnesota is choosing the path of screwing over their skipper — and royally.

Because the Gophers didn’t automatically qualify for a bowl bid, Minnesota has decided to NOT give Fleck his contractual bonus that he very much deserves, according to the USA Today. (Holy hell, this is Clark Griswold all over again.)

In Griswold’s … I mean, Fleck’s contract … there’s a clause that states he would only get a bonus if their bowl appearance came automatically from a six-win season. But since the Golden Gophers went 5-7 (and also Minnesota ignoring the academic glory), the school is screwing Fleck out of his bonus.

We really do have a Clark Griswold situation on our hands!

Shame on the University of Minnesota! I’ll be sure to root against them going forward — cheap bastards.