‘Sexual Fetish’: Mary Rooke Breaks Down Problem With Biological Men In Women’s Shelters

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Hailey Gomez General Assignment Reporter
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Daily Caller columnist and host of “Trad-ish,” Mary Rooke, discussed Friday on Newsmax the reasons why biological men identifying as transgender women should not be allowed in women’s shelters, stating a “sexual fetish” may play a role.

Rooke appeared on “Carl Higbie Frontline” to discuss a Canadian transgender activist, Morgane Oger. Oger reportedly helped strip the country’s oldest women’s rape shelter of public funding due to claims it excluded transgender women. Newsmax host Carl Higbie asked the “Trad-ish” host her thoughts on Oger receiving an award for championing diversity.

Rooke supported women who were calling out biological men living in the same shelters and said it was a “completely logical” argument. (RELATED: ROOKE: Give Young Women 30 Seconds Of Masculinity, And Watch The Feminism Melt Away) 

“Right. So – and if you look at some of the, you know, reporting on this, you see that the women that are in the shelters are saying something that is just completely logical,” Rooke said.

“They have been abused by men, feel scared of men and don’t want to be in a private shelter or private room with another man — who was born with, you know, genitals that are a male’s.”

Rooke continued, stating there needs to be “safe spaces” for women who have felt mistreated. Rooke questioned how women were “supposed to heal” if they were living with “their abusers.” (RELATED: ROOKE: America Is Crumbling Under Gen Z’s Contempt For What Makes It Great)

“I just — as a female and as a mother of four girls, there has to be safe spaces for us to be able to turn to and go, ‘Okay, we’ve been mistreated. We need to be able to have a place that is safe, that can take care of us and get us back on our feet. And get us back into a natural role in society,'” Rooke stated.

“But whenever you force women to be with their abusers or with people that are like their abusers, how are they supposed to heal? How are they supposed to come on the other side of this? And not to mention the fact that we know a lot of these transgender — these men who are biological men and identify as transgender women — they are doing it for a sexual fetish. So they go in there in order to be around the prey that they’re looking for. It’s like moving next door to a pedophile. If you have a 12-year-old girl, why in the world would you do that?”

Canadian Governor-General Mary Simon awarded Oger the Meritorious Service Medal on Dec. 7. Simon praised the biological male for being a “champion of diversity,” according to Daily Mail. The transgender activist helped the Vancouver City Council in March 2019 pull a yearly grant from a women’s rape shelter unless it changed its policy around transgender women, the outlet reported.