Fights Between Idiots Pop Off At A Child’s Trampoline Party Giving This Lucky Kid Even More Popcorn Entertainment

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What a lucky kid …

Let’s take a trip to Anaheim, California (a great town, by the way, I’ve been there a couple of times), where a kid’s party was taking place at a Sky Zone trampoline park. And if that doesn’t sound fun enough, the child’s party got even better when all hell broke loose because of a couple of fights poppin’ off that featured boxing-style blows.

Caught on video was at least two of the battles, with one guy in particular being involved in both brawls — and he was also eating the most punches. Now I wanna know what this dude did to piss everybody off like this.

As far as that’s concerned, there’s no information for why things got sparked up.

But boy, was that kid lucky to get so much popcorn entertainment at his party.


My favorite part of this whole scene is the dude whippin’ his dreads back before he gets to brawlin’, I died.

Like seriously, though, are we doing all of this at a kid’s party?

It’s despicable, but it’s outright hilarious. (RELATED: Royal Rumble-Style Brawl Breaks Out On YMCA Basketball Court With Everybody Having Punches For Dinner)

And what’s up with the guy running at the beginning of the video? Did you peep how ol’ boy tripped him? And why on earth was everybody going after that guy? Like, what did you do to make people react this way toward you?

All I’m left with is questions, that you know we’ll never get answered. But regardless, popcorn gold.