The Drought Is Over: Cooper DeJean Declares For Draft, Could Be NFLs First White Corner In Decades

Photo by Carly Mackler/Getty Images

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In late December former NFL running back Rashard Mendenhall fired out a hot take suggesting the NFL replace the Pro Bowl with an All-Black vs. All-White bowl, and the internet went wild.

Lines were drawn after Mendenhall’s tweet, squads were formed and pretty quickly we had a picture of two pretty formidable, albeit segregated, teams. There was only one problem for the white team: who the heck was gonna play corner? Enter Cooper DeJean …

Stud Iowa Hawkeyes cornerback Cooper DeJean just declared for the NFL draft, according to ESPN, priming him to become the first white starting cornerback in the NFL since 2003.

A wide range of analysts project DeJean to be a first round pick. If selected, he’ll almost definitely start games at corner, making him the first white guy to do so since Jason Sehorn, who retired in 2003. (RELATED: Rising Star Football Recruit Noah Knigga Is 100% Going To Get An Announcer Canceled Once He Gets To College)

There are some arguments to be made that Troy Apke or Ashtyn Davis can be called a corner because they occasionally slide in to the slot or whatever. Fine. Even if I give you that, there hasn’t been a starting cornerback of the Caucasian variety in 21 years.

DeJean isn’t just a great corner either. He’s one hell of a kick returner.

With DeJean on team white, we finally have an athletic corner option to compete with team black’s speed at wide out. Now we only need three more!