MORRISEY: As Political Persecution Ramps Up, West Virginia Has Trump’s Back

Patrick Morrisey Contributor
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The United States has seen much disarray since President Trump left office. Without his leadership, the country has seen record-high inflation; an unchecked, unmitigated crisis at the southern border; innocent lives ravaged and families torn apart by the fentanyl menace; weakened national security and wokeism penetrating our schools, universities, government institutions and military at dangerous levels. 

I’ve said it many times before, and I’ll say it again — West Virginia misses President Trump. 

As West Virginia’s Attorney General, I have upheld, defended and advanced President Trump’s America First policies with great conviction. Even more, I’ve consistently and actively defended President Trump as he faces political persecution from the radical left. 

Currently, I am co-leading a brief with Indiana at the U.S. Supreme Court to try and reinstate President Trump on the Colorado ballot. I’m also appalled by the decision by Maine’s Secretary of State to also remove President Trump from their ballot — a decision that is wildly inconsistent with the Constitution. I just fought successfully for the same cause in Michigan and am fighting a similar battle in WV. Last month, along with Iowa, I helped convene an 18-state coalition calling on the courts to reverse the unconstitutional gag order against President Trump. 

These frivolous attempts to kick a viable candidate off the ballot and the use of unconstitutional gag orders deprive Americans of their right to hear directly from candidates and to freely choose their own representatives. They are incompatible with a fair and free election process. 

These insidious acts against the likely Republican nominee for the 2024 presidential election are pure political persecution. This kind of stuff usually happens in banana republics, not the United States of America. 

It’s why I called for President Trump’s case to be moved to West Virginia. We all know that President Trump will never get a fair trial in Washington, D.C., where the odds are stacked against conservatives in an insurmountable way. 

What’s more incredible is that the liberal establishment media behemoths now call President Trump a “dictator” and an “authoritarian.” If we’re throwing around such serious terms to describe our country’s leaders, I’d like The Atlantic and the Washington Post to take a look at Joe Biden to see what a dictator and authoritarian actually look like today. 

Never in our nation’s history have we seen such blatant attempts by the current administration to thwart the upcoming election by trying to throw the likely Republican presidential nominee behind bars. Joe Biden knows he can’t win with Trump on the ballot, so he’ll do everything in his power — even stooping so low as to discredit our Constitution and disregard the will of the people — to politically persecute his opponent. And of course the liberal establishment media obediently does the administration’s bidding. 

The integrity of our Constitution and future of our country are at stake. Now more than ever we need to stand by President Trump.

Patrick Morrisey has served as West Virginia’s attorney general since 2013 and is running for governor in 2024.

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