Nikola Jokic Sinks One Of The Most Ridiculous Game-Winners In NBA History


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Denver Nuggets center Nikola Jokic hit an insane game-winner to propel his team to a road win over the Golden State Warriors late Thursday night. 

With his team and the Warriors tied at 127-127, Jokic took the ball up slightly beyond half-court and, as time expired, chucked up a 39-foot buzzer-beater that miraculously went in. 

Facing off against his Warriors, the seven-footer did his best Steph Curry impression on the game-winner. 

The crowd went wild and Jokic’s team mobbed him, highlighting just what an absurd shot he made.

A floor angle of the heave adds that much more allure.

The shot gave the Nuggets a 130-127 win over the Warriors, earning them their 25th win, the most in the Western Conference. (RELATED: Mope-Town: Detroit Pistons Set The Record For Most Consecutive Losses In An NBA Season With 27th Straight Defeat) 

Golden State, on the other hand, drops to 16-18 as the once mighty Warriors continue to flail.

After the game Jokic told reporters he knew it was going in “That was the last option with that play,” he told ESPN. “I just took a shot. I think those shots are the easiest shots to take. You don’t have any other options. So actually, when I felt it, I thought, ‘Oh, I’m going to bank this.’ You can see the flight of the ball, and I just knew I was going to bank it.”