Woah, What Happened? Dabo Swinney Shows Up To UNC-Clemson Basketball Game With Massive Black Eye

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Damn, Dabo! Who the hell hit you?

Dabo Swinney, the head coach of the Clemson Tigers football program, decided to make an appearance at Saturday’s UNC-Clemson game to watch a little college hoops. But my man immediately took all of the attention away from the matchup when people spotted his massive black eye. (RELATED: Kick Rocks! LSU’s Bradyn Swinson Sends Not-So-Kind Parting Gift To Tigers’ Fired Coaching Staff)

During the contest, which ESPN was broadcasting, cameras put Dabo on the screen because … why not?

It’s Dabo Swinney, a two-time national champion college football coach — of course he’s going to be put on the screen. However, that aura was completely placed on hold when a crazy shiner was seen under his left eye. And from there, theories abounded online about what on earth happened to Dabo.


Here’s a few gems from the internet:

You can’t help but think maybe a Clemson fan sneaked Dabo and clean-clocked him. Of course, this is me being speculative — and a little reckless, I admit (but who doesn’t love reckless speculation?). And why do I think that?

I blame Tyler:

Where else did a black eye like that come from?

We need answers, Dabo! We need answers!