‘Everyone’s Probably Sick Of The Sight Of Me’: Margot Robbie Takes Break From Acting

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Julianna Frieman Contributor
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“Barbie” star Margot Robbie recently announced that she is taking a break from acting.

Robbie revealed Wednesday that she hopes to work behind-the-scenes following a career of several high-profile on-screen acting jobs in an interview with Deadline.

“Everyone’s probably sick of the sight of me now,” Robbie said. “I should probably disappear from screens for a while.”

“Honestly, if I did another movie too soon, people would say, ‘Her again? We just did a whole summer with her. We’re over it.’ I don’t know what I’ll do next, but I hope it’s a little while away,” Robbie said.

The famous actress reminded the outlet that she is also a producer, joking that producers “don’t get a break.” She expressed a strong interest in eventually becoming a director. (RELATED: ‘She Wanted You To See Her Butt’: Margot Robbie’s Bizarre View Of Barbie’s Sex Appeal)

“I really do want to direct,” Robbie said. “I’ve felt like I wanted to direct for about the last seven years. But I’ve always seen it as a privilege, not a right.”

“I’ve been slowly working towards the feeling that I’ve earned the right to direct, and I feel I’m getting closer to that feeling now,” Robbie continued.

Robbie told the outlet that she learned from the “amazing” directors she worked with throughout her acting career. She said that she enjoys watching the directors of films she’s been in, noting that it is “such a gift to learn from all these directors firsthand.”

“I’m not in any rush,” Robbie said, “Because I feel that there’ll never be enough time to learn all the things I want to learn before I take that plunge, but I definitely have that itch, and it’s growing too strong. I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to hold it off.”

The “Barbie” movie was a box office hit, earning $1.4 billion worldwide. The summer blockbuster won the first-ever Golden Globe award for cinematic and box office achievement, Variety reported.

Robbie had her breakout role in “The Wolf of Wolf Street” before starring in films including “I, Tonya,” “Birds of Prey” and “Barbie.” She also made notable appearances in “Asteroid City” and “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.”