You Gotta See This: Indianapolis International Airport Launches Indoor Basketball Court For NBA All-Star Weekend

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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Who said Indianapolis can’t drip?

Hosting NBA All-Star Weekend this season are the Indiana Pacers, and though the city of Indianapolis isn’t known for their flash and dash, they’re welcoming basketball fans in true swagoo fashion.

Installed right in the middle of Indianapolis International Airport is a full-length basketball court, launching it for travelers in town for All-Star Weekend to catch a little hoops action prior to heading out into Indy (and also before catching their flights on the way home after the festivities). And it’s cool too, because the airport court design is very similar to the one that the players will be using in February.

Just check out this bad boy:

It’s funny, because this whole thing reminds me of the movie “Soul Plane,” because in this particular plane’s terminal (hilariously named Terminal Malcolm X), there was a basketball court featured.

And hot damn, look at that … it’s now a reality. (LMAO)

Personally, I always get excited for NBA All-Star Weekend because of the hype going on beforehand (guilty as charged), but just like every year, I always get deflated as we move along — which leads to my balloon being popped in the boring ass game they give us Sunday night. My metaphorical balloon is barely hanging on after the Slam Dunk Contest.

But if you’re the NBA, what the hell are you gonna do? (RELATED: Golden State Warriors’ Draymond Green Officially Making His Comeback On MLK Day In Hilarious Irony: REPORT)

From the looks of it, get the local airport to install a basketball court.