IDF Says It Found Bodies Of Three Hostages In Tunnel

(Photo by JACK GUEZ/AFP via Getty Images)

Ilan Hulkower Contributor
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The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) stated they recovered the bodies of three hostages in a Hamas tunnel complex in the Gaza Strip back on Dec. 14, according to multiple reports.

The three hostages’ causes of death remain unknown as no visible sign of gunfire or trauma was found on the bodies, The Times of Israel reported Wednesday. (RELATED: Video Shows IDF Detonate Massive Tunnel Connecting North And South Gaza)

The three hostages were Sgt. Ron Sherman, Cpl. Nik Beizer and Elia Toledano, according to The Times of Israel. The IDF reportedly struck the tunnel where these hostages were held to target Ahmed Ghandour, Hamas’ Northern Gaza Brigade commander. However, the IDF did not know the three Israelis were there, the outlet reported.

Samples of the bodies were reportedly taken in for further testing.

Maya Sherman, the mother of Ron, seemingly accused the IDF of murdering her son.

“The results of the investigation: Ron was indeed murdered. Not by Hamas. Think more in the direction of Auschwitz and the showers but without Nazis and without Hamas as the cause. No accidental shooting, no report, premeditated murder, bombings with poisonous gases,” Sherman said, The Jerusalem Post (JP) reported.

Sherman blamed her son’s capture by Hamas on “the criminal negligence” of IDF senior officers. She alleged the pathology report said her son had “several crushed fingers” from his attempts to escape the poison, according to The JP .

The IDF released a statement that said they could not rule out suffocation, poisoning or other “residual aspects” of Hamas or IDF activity being the cause of death, The Jerusalem Post reported.

Hamas took more than 200 hostages following their Oct. 7 invasion of Israel and are estimated to still be holding more than 100.