‘You On Drugs?’: Coach Obliterates Reporter For Facepalm-Worthy Question After Blowout Loss


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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San Antonio Spurs’ head coach Gregg Popovich gave an absolutely epic post-game interview, Wednesday, following their 98 – 117 loss against the Boston Celtics.

Popovich looked incredible at home during the post-game presser shared online by CLNS Media on Wednesday night, even if that home was a little fraught and messy at the time. He kept his composure, speaking diligently about the Spurs’ loss and what may have led to it.

He even cracked a couple of jokes, getting the press pool to laugh along with him. But then, things took a pretty big turn after a reporter asked Popovich what he saw in the second quarter of the game. “What, are you on drugs?” Popovich laughed, saying, “‘Even game? What the fuck.'” under his breath, laughing, trying to figure out what the heck the reporter was on about.

But the questions were not rhetorical. Popovich wanted the reporter to reply, and said, “Wow,” when he did. “Gee-whizz,” he quipped. “They kicked our ass!” (RELATED: ‘You Are An Infection’: Sean Strickland Rips Mask Off Media In His Most Brutal Presser Yet)

Popovich is typically outspoken, having focused past rants on former President Donald Trump, gun rights and why white people need to be made to feel “uncomfortable,” apparently. Despite his differing politics, Popovich is an NBA legend, who lost it so hard at a game back in 2019 that he was removed from the court for his passionate outburst.