‘You Are An Infection’: Sean Strickland Rips Mask Off Media In His Most Brutal Presser Yet


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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UFC Middleweight Champion Sean Strickland ripped the mask off the corporate news media Wednesday in his most brutal rant to-date.

It started as it meant to in Strickland’s portion of the “UFC 297: Strickland vs. Du Plessis” presser at Scotiabank Arena, Toronto, Canada. As soon as he reached the microphone, he suggested the director get ready with the bleep button, because Strickland was ready to deliver possibly one of his most iconic interviews of all time.

He immediately leaned into his brash sense of humor and how he “shits on everybody,” noting “I go hard, man. I made fun of fuckin’ Sean O’Malley’s wife, you know, getting fucked by his buddy.” He giggled, shrugging. (RELATED: UFC Champion Sean Strickland Calls America Soft, And Has One Of The Wildest Explanations Possible For Why)

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“Were you a COVID bank account stealer, too? Were you on board with that? Are you left wing or right wing? We got one of the fucking commies … We gotta know where this man stands. Are you non-bias?” Strickland said after being introduced to a Canadian reporter, as seen in a clip shared online. “I should just pass on this motherfucker. He’s gonna give my bank account information to fucking Trudeau.”

But at one point, things turned, and Strickland saw right through one reporter and seemed to inhale his soul. “Did you vote for Trudeau?” Strickland asked the reporter, as seen in another clip. The reporter wouldn’t say. “Let me tell you something right now. If a man says he’s not going to say it, like, if you ask a motherfucker, ‘did you vote for Biden?’ and he’s like, ‘well I’m not gonna say — that’s none of your business,’ he voted for fuckin’ Biden.”

The reporter then asked about Strickland’s previous comments on the transgender movement. The two went back and forth briefly, until Strickland really leaned in.

“You’re part of the fucking problem. You elected Justin Trudeau, like when he seized the bank accounts … you’re just fucking pathetic,” he began, “and the fact that you have no fucking backbone. And as he shut down your fucking country and seized bank accounts, you ask me some stupid shit like that. Go fuck yourself. Move the fuck on, man. Fucking coward.”

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The reporter definitely spoke faster following the lecture, turning the topic to Bud Light. “Ten years ago, to be trans was what? A mental fucking illness, and now all of a sudden people like you have weaseled your way into the world.” (RELATED: ‘Dirty Communist’: UFC Fighter Sean Strickland Blasts Mark Zuckerberg Amid Possible Fight With Elon Musk)

He took a brief pause. “You are an infection. You are the definition of weakness. Everything that is wrong with the world is because of, fucking, you,” he spat. “And the best thing is, the world’s not buying it. The world’s not buying your fucking bullshit you’re fucking peddling. The world is not saying, ‘you know what? You’re right. Chicks have dicks,’ the world’s not saying that.”

So, what is the world saying? “The world’s saying there are two genders. I don’t want my kids being taught about who they can fuck in school,” Strickland punched, metaphorically speaking. He also clarified he doesn’t care if people are gay. His only problem is the fact children are being exposed to sexual content too early in life.

Other topics included asking Canadians how they can have homeless people given the freezing temperatures, how “Trump-style media” absolutely hates him, but he doesn’t care because they’re a bunch of “cucks” and how the state shouldn’t have more control over children than their parents.

You can watch the full presser here: