Chiefs’ Donovan Smith Claims Bills Cut Off Hot Water In Locker Room, Showing They Might Be As Unhinged As Their Mafia

(Photo by Mike Carlson/Getty Images)

Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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These are just allegations, but I could totally see this being true…

The Kansas City Chiefs squared off against the Buffalo Bills on their turf Sunday, and you already know how upstate New York gets, it’s friggin’ freezing in January.

Well, that’s exactly what the Chiefs had to deal with en route to their AFC Divisional Round victory over the Bills, and after the game, Kansas City players wanted to head to the locker room to warm up before celebrating their punched tickets to the conference championship. (RELATED: Chiefs’ Chris Jones Gets Into Yelling Match With Literally The Entire Bills Mafia)

Except … they couldn’t (allegedly).

Chiefs offensive tackle Donovan Smith is claiming that the Bills franchise cut off the hot water in their locker room after the game, giving them quite the unhinged experience at Highmark Stadium (sounds like Bills Mafia has rubbed off on the organization).

“Damn caught a L and they shut our hot water off… smh it’s all good we got that Dub today,” said Smith on X.

“Not to be that guy, but the Bills could’ve been out of hot water lol. They did JUST get hit by a winter storm,” wrote one fan on X.

“I just know it was hot then it wasn’t,” responded Smith.

Be proud, Bills Mafia. It appears that your shenanigans…

…has turned your football team into YOU (if true, of course, and I totally see that being the case).