Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. Responds To Backlash After Arriving At Coldplay Concert In Helicopter

(Photo by Paul Kane/Getty Images)

Mariane Angela Contributor
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Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. broke his silence after he was criticized for having a chopper drop him off at a Coldplay concert in the Philippines, Manila Bulletin reported.

The British rock sensation Coldplay captivated an audience of 40,000 at the Philippine Arena, Manila Bulletin reported. Among the thrilled spectators was Marcos, who explained that he just had a deeply rooted love for music and shared his awe of the concert.

“Perhaps by now, you already know that I am a music lover. I have been for a long time, I have studied music for many years. And, to have somebody like Coldplay — you can’t — that’s unmissable,” Marcos said in the interview, per Chonayuwarfreak. (RELATED: Coldplay’s Ex-Manager Sues For Over $12 Million, Alleging He Never Got Paid)

“You cannot miss. So, I went and it was — by the way, it was fantastic. It was great,” he added. “You can ask anybody who attended the concert, it’s on a different level. It is not like the concerts that we’ve been to.”

“It’s very different. Really. I have never seen something like that. There is no such show in Batac,” Marcos added.

His attendance at the Coldplay concert came into focus when he arrived at the venue via a presidential chopper, a decision explained by PSG Commander MGen Nelson Morales as necessary due to the massive turnout posing potential security concerns, as Manila Bulletin previously reported.

The concert also had a moment of local flavor when Coldplay’s lead singer, Chris Martin, mentioned the traffic in Manila, according to the Manila Bulletin.