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Gage Klipper Commentary & Analysis Writer
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“You don’t even need to look to the word ‘stolen’ — the election was rigged,” says just one of the many election watchers the Daily Caller interviewed. All came to the same conclusion.

For our latest documentary, “Rigged,” the Daily Caller traveled the country exploring decades of election challenges and interference. We expose the election schemes that brought America to the brink in 2020 with the aim of stopping them before it’s too late for 2024.

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First, we exposed the transgender lobby with our original documentaries “Groomed” and “Do No Harm.” Then, we uncovered the true cost of the Defund the Police movement in “Lawless.” Now, we are taking on the one issue that Democrats fear being exposed above all else: the rigged 2020 election.

Democrats waged an unprecedented pressure campaign to conceal the wild abuses of the 2020 election. As a result, they were ignored by election officials, the courts, the corporate media — anyone with the power to do something.  The  most critical questions went unanswered for far too long.

The Daily Caller has stepped up to turn over the stones that everyone else was too afraid to touch:

How exactly did mail-in voting and other procedural irregularities build a Democratic advantage into the system? Where did the changes occur? Who was pulling the strings and writing the checks?

How did the federal government wage an informational warfare campaign on its own citizens using private companies as its censorship and propaganda arm?

How did widespread political violence in the summer of 2020 shape the way Americans voted?

What would Democrats do to hold onto power; better yet, what wouldn’t they do?

These questions are what drove us to uncover the truth — to find out exactly what happened in 2020 to ensure it doesn’t happen again. Until the American people are aware of how all these abuses unfolded, our elections will never be safe or secure.

Watch “Rigged” now to get the truth of the 2020 election.

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